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C & C Stereos

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Appointment Booking & Estimates
All appointment Booking & Estimates are done by email only at [email protected],
Estimates are an estimated guess based on the information provided.
Quotes are an exact price, we only give quotes on product

Some of the things we may need to know
1. What’s your license plate number or Vin number and state if not washington
2. What’s the year/make/model/sub model/trim package
3. are there parts that you are providing (all model numbers) sometimes people provide parts and there incorrect for their upgraded model car they have, so we like to verify and know what we are installing
4. is your stereo stock or aftermarket
5. does your vehicle have steering wheel controls (like up and down volume buttons)
6. does your vehicle have any of these factory systems Bose, Harmon Kardon, infinity, Rockford fosgate, JBL, Beats, Nakamichi ect.
7. if bringing own backup camera and you can't find the model number send pictures or is it a license plate one, drill in one, stick-on one, factory Oem one
8. If newer vehicle does it have ANC (active noise cancelling) only matters if your adding an amp to a factory stereo